Please note: Your camp may have different requirements and/or limits than what is stated below.










Camp Trucking Important Estimated Dates for 2023





Registration Information

  1. Where can I sign up for Camp Trucking?

    1. Online registration opens on January 10th, 2023. 

    2. Parents can also call our company line (970) 949-0690 to complete registration.

  2. What is my mailing address?

    1. Your mailing address is the best address to receive mail from Camp Trucking before the summer season. This will be the address your tags are sent to.

  3. What should I put as my delivery or pickup address?

    1. Your pickup address is the address the bags will be picked up from.

    2. Your delivery address is the address the bags will be delivered to.

    3. Your mailing address, pickup address, and return address can be different.

  4. Can we have the bags delivered or picked up at someone else’s home such as a neighbor or a nearby friend?

    1. We can pick up and deliver luggage at any address you choose, provided it is within the states we serve.

    2. If you have already registered and need to change the address, submit a customer service request on our portal before the deadline.

Reservation Changes

  1. For the fastest service, we recommend using our customer service portal.

    1. Changes to registration include:

      1. Adding or canceling a service.

      2. Changes to the amount of luggage your camper is bringing.

      3. Sports equipment, drawer add-ons or any other additions to the reservation.

      4. Reservation changes also include modifications to addresses. 

  2. Deadline: Changes can be made to your registration until a week before your pick-up or return day. After this time, no exceptions can be made to guarantee seamless service.

Service Instructions

  1. Please include the development name, any service instructions, the cross streets, gate and doorman information on the registration form. This ensures quality service from our drivers.

  2. Please note that if you do have a doorman or gate, you must alert them to allow our drivers entry for your pickup and delivery ahead of time.

  3. If our drivers are denied entry there may be service delays that Camp Trucking is not responsible for.

Luggage Valuation Coverage 

  1. We encourage families to purchase our Valuation Coverage when shipping delicate or expensive items. 

  2. The camp trucking Valuation Coverage can be purchased for $50 per registration and is limited to a  maximum claim of $1,500 per duffel.

  3. Please note that damages resulting from failure to follow Camp Trucking policies and instructions regarding packing luggage is not covered by Valuation Coverage.


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How to Contact Camp Trucking

  1. For the fastest and easiest service, we recommend that you contact Camp Trucking through the customer service portal.

  2. You may call our company line: (970) 949-0690. However wait times do vary.

Customer Service Portal (Vivantio)

  1. Vivantio is our customer service portal software provider. Our portal is frequently monitored and is the fastest and easiest way to reach a customer service representative at Camp Trucking.

  2. When will the service portal be live?

    1. The service portal will be live as of January 10th, 2023.

  3. How can I access the customer service portal

    1. Once you complete your online registration you will receive a confirmation email within a 24-hour period. This Email will contain a link to the portal along with a generic password “2023SummerCamp”. You can change the password in your profile settings. 

    2. Please note your portal user name will be the email you used for your reservation profile.

  4. What is a service request in the service portal?

    1. A service request is an email that is sent from your portal account directly to our representatives.

    2. Portal requests can pertain to issues such as changes to the registration profile, add-ons to service, general service inquiries, and any other questions you might have


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How to Pack my childs luggage 

  1. Start by making sure all previous Camp Trucking luggage tags are removed from the bag

  2. Make sure there is no sports equipment or plastic drawers in duffels. 

  3. Weigh all duffels to ensure it is within our overweight policy. If you have indicated in your registration that your camper will have overweight items please ensure that the luggage is within the selected weight category. 

  4. Toiletries or any other liquid should be safely sealed to avoid leaking.

  5. Please do not mix other campers' belongings in luggage that is not registered in that child's name. 

Should we put a lock on our child’s luggage?

  1. That is up to your discretion. However, our service does not require that the bags are locked


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Overweight fee specifications

  1. For luggage that weighs over 65 lbs. and is paid for in advance prior to Camp Trucking’s arrival at the home, the one-time, early-bird surcharge of $50 applies.

  2. Luggage that is weighed and recorded at the time of pickup, by Camp Trucking’s staff, will be invoiced the regular surcharge of $100.

How do I correctly weigh my luggage to avoid overweight fees? 

  1. Camp Trucking recommends that parents use a luggage scale to correctly measure weight.

  2. If parents decide to use a bathroom scale, we recommend you account for a 5 lbs to 10 lbs difference, as this method is not always accurate.

What happens if I don't declare an overweight bag?

  1. Luggage is weighed and recorded at the time of pickup, by Camp Trucking’s staff, will be invoiced the regular surcharge of $100. (Staff will take pictures of the luggage at the time of weighing.)

  2. The overweight fee is charged per camper. Families with more than one child with overweight luggage will incur multiple overweight charges.

  3. If a camper has an overweight item we cannot divide the weight between other luggage. 

How does Camp Trucking know the weight of our bags?

  1. Bags are weighed by drivers upon pickup. Parents will receive photos of the overweight luggage upon request.

  2. Please note that the overweight fee is non-refundable.

  3. Please be aware that competitors charge between $600-$1000 per duffel for overweight luggage. Our overweight fee is a one-time cost per camper that is designed to be as affordable as possible.

Why is there a fee for overweight luggage?

  1. Overweight luggage takes longer for our staff to handle at the pickup or delivery. 

  2. Overweight luggage requires additional staff to process, both in our warehouse and at camp.

  3. In addition, our trucks have weight restrictions, and the overweight luggage negatively impacts the capacity of our trucks. 


Is a refund possible for the overweight fee?  

1. Prior to pickup, a refund is possible if you have selected the overweight fee by mistake.

2. A refund is also possible if you have weighed your luggage prior to pickup and it is under 65lbs.

3. Please note that in an effort to expedite our routes, staff will only be weighing luggage that has not had the overweight surcharge paid for in advance. Accounting for the weight of the luggage, in advance, ensures we plan our service correctly.

4. Overweight fees will not be refunded after pick up, as the luggage is already in our possession. 


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What are the tags for and where should we attach them?

  1. Luggage tags are our method for identifying a camper's bags. We ask that parents attach luggage tags to either the top or side handle of the camper's luggage. 

  2. TIP: You attach a luggage tag the same way you would an airline tag.

Can we just keep the old Camp Trucking tags on our bags?

  • All previous year’s Camp Trucking tags need to be removed prior to pickup. Failure to do so may result in delayed delivery to camp or home.

What happens if my luggage tags are lost in the mail?

  1. We know it can be scary not having your tags, however our drivers have a 2-step verification process to confirm that they are at the right camper’s address to ensure the information they tag on the luggage is accurate.

  2. If you do not receive your luggage tags, please take the following steps:

  3. Please affix secondary identification with your camper’s delivery address and camper's name and camp name to the luggage AND any additional items.

  4. Our policy requires that every camper’s luggage has either personalized luggage tags or embroidery for identification purposes.

  5. We ask that you print off and include the PDF identification form to place inside your child’s luggage.

  6. Please ensure that all camper’s luggage (including sports equipment & plastic drawers) has the above-required information.



What do we write on the tags?

What address should we write on the luggage tags?

If you are not using our service for return delivery write your home address. This includes: 

  • Camper Name

  • Home Address 

  • Home City 

  • Home State

  • Home Zip Code

  • Camp Name 

If you are using our service for the return, write your desired home delivery address. This includes:


  • Camper Name

  • Home Delivery Address 

  • Home Delivery City 

  • Home Delivery State

  • Home Delivery Zip Code

  • Camp Name

Run Number Information

  • You will receive an email roughly two weeks before your scheduled pick-up date with your run information. We ask that you add this to the white section at the bottom of the luggage tag that is labeled “RUN”.

Return Only Customers 

  • You will not receive any tags in the mail. Instead, your luggage tags are sent directly to camp and will be added by either a camp staff member or a Camp Trucking driver.


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Pickup Information

How will we know that the luggage was actually picked up?

  • Our drivers will carry business card sized receipts that they will leave on your door to confirm pickup.

How do we set the pickup date? Can we change the date?

  • Pickup dates are automatically generated based on your camp and your pickup address.

  • Unfortunately, changes are not possible since our service trucks are only in certain areas at a specific time.

What should we do if no one will be home on the day of pick up?

  • Bags can be left alone at a predetermined location specified in your registration profile. There is no need for anyone to be home for pick up or delivery.

What time can we expect our camper’s baggage to be picked up?

  • Our Pickup window is between 7am-7pm.

  • However, for NYC Customers with a 24-hour doorman, pickup is between 12 am-5 am. 

Delivery Information

How will we know that the luggage was actually delivered?

  • You can send a portal ticket to request the status of your delivery.

What happens if my luggage pieces get separated during the delivery process?

  • More times than not, bags are just on different trucks within the same area.

  • In the event that your luggage is not delivered by the end of your return window, please submit a portal ticket to let us know. 

What time can we expect our camper's baggage to be delivered?

  • Our delivery window is between 7am-7pm.

  • However, if you are located in NYC with a 24-hour doorman the window is typically between 12am-5am.

New York City Customers with 24-doorman

  • For our New York Customers, if you are located in a 24-hour doorman building, your pickup and delivery window will typically be between 12 am-5 am on your listed pickup/return date.

  • You are responsible for advising your doorman that service will be taking place during this time frame. Service delays may occur if this is not communicated to them.

  • Please bring your luggage down to your doorman by 10 pm, the night before your date of pick up.

  • Ex: If your date of pickup is June 12th, bring the luggage down to your doorman for 10pm on June 11th. 


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Can we send sports equipment?

  • Yes. Sports equipment such as golf clubs, hockey/lacrosse sticks, bicycles, etc, can be shipped with Camp Trucking. 

  • However, there might be an additional fee depending on the camp. Please refer to your camps PDF on the camp trucking website for specific pricing. 

How should I package sports equipment?

  • Any non-duffle add-on must be packaged in its own box. 

  • Failure to package your equipment correctly might result in damages that will not be covered by Camp Trucking.

  • Camp trucking does not provide boxes for add ons upon pickup

Can we send plastic drawers?

  • Yes! You are able to send plastic drawers for an additional fee. 

  • Drawers must be packaged in its own box to ensure it makes it to camp safely. 

  • Failure to package your drawers correctly might result in damages that are not covered by Camp Trucking.

  • Camp trucking does not provide boxes for add ons upon pickup


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Early Bird Pricing

  1. Every camp offers early bird pricing. Deadlines do differ, so it is the responsibility of the parent to monitor when the deadline is for your specific camp.

  2. This information can be found on your camps PDF on the camp trucking website

  3. After early bird pricing, standard baggage service increases by $40. 


How is pricing calculated?

  1. Pricing is determined by the service you select (round trip or one-way) and your state.

  2. Please note that pricing differs based on the camp and the state. No changes to pricing can be made.

  3. Please refer to your camps PDF on the camp trucking website pricing.


Is there a fuel surcharge?

  1. Yes. We instituted a flat rate fuel surcharge in 2022. 

  2. The fuel surcharge is determined by looking at historic trends and competitors surcharges.

  3. Our fuel surcharge is a flat rate and is typically between 3% and 7% of the standard baggage service. 

  4. Please note that as of April, 2023,  Fedex & UPS were applying a 15% fuel surcharge - that surcharge would be applied in each direction. 


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How to file a damage claim

  1. All damages claims are handled through email. To file a damage claim, email info@camptrucking.com and include your child's name, camp name, address, and photos of damages. 

  2. Please note that Camp Trucking does not cover any damage to the zipper or seam of a duffle resulting from overpacking. 

What if I have Damages and I do not have Valuation Coverage ?

  1. Should damages occur that are found to be the fault of Camp Trucking, they will be covered even if you do not have Valuation Coverage. 

  2. Please email us the claim, and a staff member will complete an assessment.


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Camp Trucking Important Estimated Dates for 2023



Jan 10th

Online registration opens. Phones will be monitored on a part time basis during winter season.

May 24th

The full summer and first session pickup dates are sent out via email.

June 1st

Online registration closes. Registration must be conducted over the phone at (970) 949-0690.

May 29th

Changes to registration involving the pickup address for first and full summer will result in a 35$ fee.

June 1st-5th

Full Summer and first session campers should have received their luggage tags. 

Florida and California will receive their tags first

June 2th

Run numbers are sent out via email. The run numbers are for return service home. Please add them to the camper's luggage tags. 

June 3rd-10th

We start luggage pickups (for some areas) for first and full summer campers. 

Florida and California picks start June 3rd 

North Eastern States will start the 10th

All clients who require this service should be signed up at this point.

June 23rd

The second session pickup dates are e-mailed out. 

June 28th

Second session campers should have received their luggage tags.

July 1st

First session campers will receive the date of delivery via email.

July 3rd

Changes to registration involving the pickup address for second session campers or first session deliveries will result in a 35$ fee.

July 8th

We start luggage pickups for second session campers. As well as collect luggage of first session campers to return home. 

All clients who require this service should be signed up at this point.

July 18th

Second and full summer campers will receive their date of delivery via email

August 2nd

Changes to registration involving the return address for second and full summer campers will result in a 35$ fee.

August 5th

We start traveling to collect the luggage of second and full summer campers to return home

All clients who require this service should be signed up at this point.

Please note: 

  • Registration deadlines do vary based on zip code and camp. It is the responsibility of the parent to look at your camps PDF on the Camp Trucking website to verify deadlines. 

  • Registration cannot be completed within a 7-Day period of your address's pickup date. The same goes for return. Changes to your registration follow the same 7-Day window

  • If you do not receive your tags in time for pick up please refer to the Tag section of the FAQs


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Please see the links below to follow our social media pages! 


*Please note changes to your 2023 Service can only be done through our texting line (970) 500-8049, Call Center (970) 949-0690 or Customer Service Portal.  These social media pages are used for updates only, direct messaging is not encourage. 


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Fillable forms are a way to send our team updates quickly and efficiently without having to get in contact with us. This allows our clients to make changes outside of our regular hours. Clients can request changes up to 1 week before a pickup or drop off date. Any changes that are requested within 1 week of pickup or drop off are not guaranteed to be accommodated. Please note you must download these forms to be able to fill them out online.

To submit your request please email the form(s) to info@camptrucking.com with the subject line “Fillable Form Request.”

What the following forms are for:

  • Change of Address Form: this form is used for when the original pickup or return address is changing.

  • Cancellation Form: this form is used when a camper needs to cancel service. Campers can partially cancel or fully cancel their reservation.

  • Message Form: a message form can be used if you have any instructions or details about the reservation such as “bags will be left in the porch” or “the code for our garage is #123”.

  • General Application: this form can be filled out and mailed to our office if online registration is not an option. This mailable application should only be used if your only payment method is by cheque. Mailable applications can be sent to * insert mailing address* and a cheque can be made to *insert name*. 

    • Applications will only be accepted by mail, any application received by email will not be accepted.   

  • Camper Luggage Insert: this form is an additional way to ensure that in any situation where tags are removed there is additional information inside of the luggage if there was a situation where an unidentifiable bag was to be opened

PLEASE NOTE:  all requests submitted are NOT official until a member of our team reaches out with confirmation of your changes or registration.


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